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Hello, welcome to ctc technology website!

ctc technology CO.,LTD20 years experience in power supply control IC

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Super-PFC/PSRtm Controller for LED Lighting


一、General Description 

SFL900B  is  a  high  performance,  high  power  factor flyback   PWM   controller  special   for   LED   lighting applications. The  IC adopts unique super-PFC/PSRTM which can support both PSR and SSR applications.

SFL900B  is  pin   compatible  with  mainstream  PFC controllers such as XX6561/6562,   XX7527,   etc.

SFL900B  also   integrates  proprietary  min-THD  , technique, which can achieveless than 10% THD for universal line input.  SFL900B has built-in Load   CC  Compensation  and AC  Line   CC  Compensation   function,  which  can

further increase LED output CC accuracy. The IC has Max.  90KHz  Frequency  Clamping  function  and  soft totem pole Gate driver to improve system conduction and  radiation  EMI.  The  IC   will  Clear  External  EA Feedback  Network  before  IC  power  on,  which  can reduces startup LED current spike. The IC also has Soft Start control during power on period. In  SFL900B,  the  proprietary  “Frequency  Adjusting”can help to improve THD performance, while ensures audio noise free operation. 

SFL900B   integrates  functions   and   protections   of Under  Voltage   Lockout  (UVLO),   LED  Open/Short Protection,    VCC   Over  Voltage  Protection  (OVP), Load Over Voltage Protection (Load OVP), Soft Start, Cycle-by-cycle  Current  Limiting  (OCP),  Burst  Mode Control   @   Light    Loading,   GD   Clamping,   VCC

Clamping, etc. SFL900B is available in SOP-8 and DIP-8 packages.



  super-PFC/PSRTM  Control Supports Both Primary Secondary Side Regulation (SSR) 
  Pin Compatible with Popular PFC Controllers
  THD<10% using min-THD    Technique
  Built-in  AC Line and Load Compensation for High Precision LED Output Current 
  Highly  Linear  Analog    Multiplier  with “Frequency Adjusting” for High PF 
  Max. 90KHz Frequency Clamping for EMI 
  LED Open/Short Protection
  Burst Mode Control @ Light Loading
  Trimmed 1.5% Internal Voltage Reference 
  Very Low Startup Current
  Under Voltage Lockout with 11.7V Hysteresis
  Built-in Soft Start
  Clear  External  EA  Feedback  Network  before  Power On 
  Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limiting 
  Built-in Leading Edge Blanking (LEB)
  VCC Over Voltage Protection (OVP)
  Audio Noise Free Operation
  10V to 32V Wide Range of VCC Voltage
  500mA Drive Capability


LED Lighting Application

四、Package/Order Information 

五、Typical Application

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