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Non-isolate driver IC for LED-SD2258

一、General Description 

SDC2258 is a high precision buck LED constant current driver chip. The chip internal integrated 500V power tube, the operating current is very low, no transformer auxiliary winding detection and power supply, greatly saving the system cost and volume. Chip with high-precision current sampling circuit, while the patented constant current control technology to achieve high-precision LED constant current output andExcellent line voltage regulation rate. Chip operating in the critical current critical continuous mode, suitable for 85V~265V full range input voltage of non isolated buck type LED constant current power supply



       Inductance current critical continuous mode

       Internal integrated 500V power management

       Chip operating current low

       No need for auxiliary winding detection and power supply

       5% LED current accuracy

       Wide input voltage range

       LED short / open circuit protection

       Current sampling resistance short circuit protection

       Chip power supply under voltage protection

       Over heat regulating function

       Package: SOP-8/DIP-8


      LED fluorescent lamp

      LED ceiling lamp

      LED bulb lamp

      Other LED lighting

四、Package/Order Information 

五、Typical Application

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