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Power Bank manager IC-AP5901A

                                                                     Power bank specific IC 


一、General Description 

AP5901A is a management IC specifically designed forpower bank application, with 1A constant current linearcharger, 5V/1A output asynchronous PWM boost module,battery gauge indicate part, system control and protectionmodule. AP5901A integrates battery level indicator,torch, key control and Li-Ion battery charger or dischargecontrol, under voltage protection function.

AP5901A has a complete constant current and constantvoltage linear charger, preset 4.2V charge voltage with±1% accuracy. Built-in step up DC-DC can provide 1Aof continuous load current with high efficiency up to90%.

AP5901A equips 4 LEDs for battery gauge or faultingindicator, which can output up to 8mA drive current.AP5901A also equips a key control input port, doubleclick (period should be less than 1S) control the torch,single click start step-up output, long press disablestep-up output.

AP5901A has multiple protections: includes overload,shorted-load protection and shorted-input protection. Thehigh performance of the ESD protection design makesAP5901A have a great reliability.AP5901A is available in TSSOP16-PP/SOP16 packagerequiring minimum board space and smallestcomponents.


  Minimize the External Component Counts

  Float voltage accuracy of ± 1%

  Integrated 1A linear charge5V/1A boost output,battery level indicator, key control and Li-Ion undervoltage protection.

  High boost efficiency up to 90%

  Overload and shorted-load protection

  Input shorted protection

  4 levels battery gauge

  LED torch port can output 60mA current

  Output auto start when loading

  Fault indication and self-recovery after faulting removed

  TSSOP16-PP/SOP16 package


  Mobile Power

  IPADMID Standby Power


四、Package/Order Information 

五、Typical Application

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