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Power Bank manager IC-AP2000

1.2 MHz, Micropower Synchronous Step-Up Converter


一、General Description 

The AP2000  is synchronous,  fixed  frequency, step-up DC/DC converters delivering  high efficiency  in  a  6-lead  SOT  package.Capable  of  supplying   3.3V  at 100mA from a single  AA cell input, the device contain an internal NMOS switch and  PMOS synchronous rectifier. A switching frequency  of 1.2MHz minimizes solution  footprint  by  allowing  the use of  tiny,  low profile  inductors  and ceramic  capacitors.  The  current mode PWM design is internally  compensated, reducing external  parts count.  The AP2000  features continuous switching  at light loads.  Anti-ringing  control circuitry reduces  EMI  concerns   by  damping  the  inductor   in discontinuous   mode,   and  the   device   features   low shutdown current of under 1uA. The  device is available in the small profile (1.1mm) SOT23-6L package.


       1)High Efficiency:  Up to 92%
2)1.2MHz  Constant Switching Frequency
3)3.3V Output  Voltage at IOUT=100mA from a Single
4)AA Cell; 5.0V Output Voltage at IOUT
  from one Li battery.
5)Low Start-up  Voltage: 0.85V
6)Integrated  main switch and synchronous rectifier.
  No Schottky Diode Required
7)2.5V to 5V Output Voltage  Range
8)Automatic  Pulse Skipping Mode Operation
9)Tiny External  Components
10)<1µA Shutdown  Current
11)Anti-ringing   Control Reduces EMI
12)Space Saving  6-Pin SOT23  Package


         Cellular and Smart  Phones
  Microprocessors  and DSP Core Supplies
  Wireless and  DSL Modems
  MP3 Player
  Digital Still and Video  Cameras
  Portable  Instruments


四、Package/Order Information 

五、Typical Application

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