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High Performance Non-isolated PFM converters--PN8036

High Performance Non-isolated PFM converters--PN8036

General Description

The PN8036 consists of an integrated Pulse Frequency Modulator (PFM) controller and power MOSFET,specifically designed
for small power non-isolated switching power supply. PN8036 has internal high voltage start-up circuit and complete intelligent
protections including Over Load Protection (OLP), Under Voltage Lockout (UVLO) and Over Temperature Protection (OTP).

Excellent EMI performance could be achieved with Pulse Frequency Modulation

■ Internal 650V avalanche-rugged smart power VDMOSFET
■ Internal HV Start-up Circuit
■ Be optimized with 12V output non-isolated application
■ Semi enclosed steady output power 6.0W @230VAC, DIP-7
■ Frequency modulation for low EMI
■ Excellent constant voltage regulation and High efficiency
■ Excellent Protection Coverage:

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