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Fast Charing quick charger IC for USB Interfaces IP2161

Fast Charing quick charger Physical Layer IC for USB Interfaces IP2161


  • Support several charging standards including:QC3.0/QC2.0,FCP,AFC,SFCP, Apple 2.4A,Samsung 2.0A,BC1.2
  • Support auto select charging control for fast charging or normal charging 
  1. Qualcomm certificate No.:478786303-2
  2. QC3.0 Class B 3.6~20V(0.2V/step) output voltage
  3. QC2.0 Class B:5V 9V 12V or 20V 
  • Support Huawei FCP of 5V and 9V
  • Support Samsung AFC of 5V and 9V
  • Support Spreadtrum SFCP of 12V 9V 5V
  • Support Apple 2.4A DP=2.7V,DM=2.7V
  • Support Samsung 2.0A  DP=1.2V DM=1.2V
  • Support BC1.0:Automatic shorting D+ to D- line
  • SEL configure the maximum voltage,allowed to applied for ,as 20V or 12V  or 5V
  • Default auto-detect and auto-switching fast charging standards 
  • FB for voltage regulation
  • Support NTC temperature protect function
  • Support auto-detect NTC and MTK function
  • Working voltage:3V-5.5V
  • Very low power consumption I=66uA(Typ.)
  • Package:SOT23-6

2.Typical Application

  • USB power output ports for AC adapters,Power Banka,Car chargers
  • Battery chargers for smart phones,tablets,netbooks,digital cameras and bluetooth accessories


IP2163 support automatically detection the connected device's type and switching standards type to responding for fast charing requirements.

FB control line is integrated to source/sink current with precise 2uA/step in minimum,for accurate voltage regulation.