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Integrated circuit wireless RF Transmitter microcontroller IC CMT2159AW6 Integrated circuit wireless RF Transmitter microcontroller IC CMT2159AW


FSK/OOK Transmitter Targeting for Micro-energy-harvesting


Built in a high-performance FSK/OOK RF transmitter, the CMT2159A is a transmitter chip targeting for micro-energy-harvesting applications in 240 - 960 MHz frequency range. The encoder integrated in the chip can adapt to the 1527 and 2262 encoding formats that are commonly used in market as well as the 1920 encoding format defined by CMOSTEKTM . All encoding formats supported by the chip and the RF related configurations can be programmed to the chip EEPROM by users via CMOSTEKTM USB Writer and RFPDK software. As part of CMOSTEK NextGenRFTM series product, the CMT2159A co-working with CMT221x series receiving-only receiver can achieve low-cost and environment-friendly battery-free solutions for remote control applications.


  • Built-in EEPROM

     • Easy development through utilizing RFPDK tool

     • Fully configurable functions

  • Operating frequency: 240 - 960 MHz

  • Modulation mode: GFSK, FSK, OOK

  • Symbol rate:

    • 0.5 - 40 ksps (OOK)

    • 0.5 - 300 ksps (FSK)

  • Frequency deviation range: 1 - 200 kHz

  • Output power: -10 ~ +13 dBm

  • Operating current: 8.5 mA @ +10 dBm

  • Sleep current: < 20 nA

  • Built-in micro-energy-harvesting element, which runs as independent chip with no need for MCU control

  • Support 1920, 1527 and 2262 data encoding formats.

  • Apply up to 7 configurable data pins as press keys.

  • LED display for Tx information.

  • Conform to RoHS standard.

  • 14 pin SOP packaging.


  • Self-powered doorbell transmitter

  • Self-powered pager transmitter

  • Self-powered kinetic switch transmitter