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wireless FSK Transmitter SoC CMT2163AW


27 - 960 MHz OOK/(G)FSK Transmitter SoC


Embedded with a 1T-8051 core, the CMT2163A is a low-power SoC RF transmitter enriched with below features.  

  1. The chip series supports wireless transmission @ 27 - 960 MHz with OOK or (G)FSK modulation.

  2. High-efficient single-ended PA with an adjustable output power range of 0~+13dBm, consuming only a current of 18 mA for +13dBm transmission.  

  3. 8 kB OTP program bank and 12 kB ROM (for API ibrary storage).

  4. With 1-wire online simulation function, users can download the target debugging code directly to the on-chip PRAM through the dedicated 1-wire debugger, achieving more convenient debugging comparing with the troublesome debugging of traditional OTP chip with no online simulation supporting and a specific simulator required. 

  5. Supporting built-in AES-128 accelerator, true random number generator (TRNG), and 32-bit serial number (ID), fit for remote or active RFID applications requiring encrypted transmission. 

  6. Supporting dual-clock operating architecture, namely, the system operating with the internal high-speed clock meanwhile the internal low-power RC oscillation or external 32.768 kHz crystal oscillator operating for periodical wake-up from low-power mode. 

  7. Built-in 12-bit high-precision and high-speed SAR-ADC, fit for wireless sensor acquisition scenarios. 

Sub-1G Transmitter Features

  • Operating frequency range: 27 - 960 MHz

  • Modulation mode: OOK, G/FSK

  • Data rate:

    *0.5 - 40 kbps (OOK) 

    *0.5 - 200 kbps (G/FSK)

  • Output power: +13 dBm (Max.)

  • Operating current: 18mA @+13 dBm, 433.92 MHz FSK

  • Dual transmission PAs

    *Single-ended and high-efficient Class E transmission PA

    *Differential transmission PA

  • PA ramping slope varying according to rate


  • Garage door remote control

  • Remote access control system

  • Consumer wireless remote control

  • Smart home

  • Home security

  • Active RFID tags

  • Wireless sensor network

  • WM-Bus T1 mode