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High Power Sub-1G RF Transmitter CMT2119BW


+ 20 dBm High Power Sub-1G RF Transmitter


The CMT2119B is an OOK and (G)FSK based high performance RF transmitter with a transmitting power up to 20 dBm, applying to 127 - 1020 MHz band wireless applications. The product is part of the CMOSTEK NextGenRFTM product family which covers a complete product line consisting of transmitters, receivers and transceivers. Employed with high integration density and simplified peripheral designs, it can deliver up to 20 dBm power, improving application link performance remarkably. The support of multiple packet formats and codec makes it flexible to meet different application requirements per different packet formats and encoding methods. In addition, the CMT2119B provides functions such as 64-byte Tx FIFO, rich GPIO and interrupt configuration, auto Tx operation mode, low voltage detection, power-on reset, low-frequency clock output, manual fast frequency hopping, which helps fulfill flexible application design thus deliver differentiated products. Operating with a supply range of 1.8 - 3.6 V, it consumes only 23 mA and 77 mA current while delivering +13 dBm and +20 dBm power respectively.


  • Frequency range: 127 - 1020 MHz

  • Modulation: OOK, (G)FSK and (G)MSK

  • Data rate: 0.5 - 300 kbps

  • Voltage range: 1.8 - 3.6 V

  • Transmitting current: 23 mA @ 13 dBm, 433.92 MHz, FSK 72 mA @ 20 dBm, 433.92 MHz, FSK

  • Support auto Tx mode

  • Sleep current

    • 300 nA (deep sleep)

    • 800 nA (automatic operating)

  • 3-wire SPI interface

  • Support for direct mode and packet mode

  • Configurable packet processor and 64-byte FIFO

  • Codec with supports for non-return-to-zero, Manchester

  • and data whitening functions

  • Support for forward error correction

  • 16-pin QFN3x3 packaging


  • Home security and building automation

  • ISM band data communication

  • Industrial monitoring and control

  • Remote control and security system

  • Remote key entry

  • Wireless sensor node

  • Tag reader