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step-down 4.8A charging IC fast charging protocol--IP2315
​Single-cell lithium battery synchronous switch step-down 4.8A charging IC with integrated input fast charging protocol--IP2315


I. Overview

IP2315 is a synchronous buck conversion charging IC that integrates MOS and input fast charging protocols.

IP2315 input voltage range is 5V~12V; IP2315 integrates the input fast charging protocol of Type-C PD, Huawei FCP, Samsung AFC, MTK PE+1.1/2.0, and can apply for 9V or 12V voltage from the adapter to reduce charging time; IP2315 can pass The ISET pin sets the charging current at the input end. When the input is 9V/2A, the charging current at the battery end is 3.7V/4.8A. IP2315 is compatible with small current adapters. When the adapter output load capacity is insufficient, the charging current is adaptively reduced to ensure no pull-in. Bad adapter;

The output battery voltage of IP2315 can be set through the VSET pin and supports 4.2V/4.35V/4.4V/4.5V lithium batteries; the switching frequency of IP2315 is 500kHz.

IP2315 has a switching frequency of 500kHz and high conversion efficiency. When VIN=12V, BAT=3.7V, IBAT=4.5A, the efficiency is 93%;
IP2315 supports 1~2 LED status indicators and can automatically identify the number of connected LED lights;

IP2315 supports charging NTC temperature protection, and has input overvoltage protection and IC overtemperature protection functions.

IP2315 supports I2C interface.


*Input voltage range 5V~12V

* Battery end charging current 4.8A@9V/2A input

* The output battery voltage VSET pin can be set (4.2V/4.35V/4.4V/4.5V)
* The charging current ISET pin can be set (set the input current)

* Power MOS integrated built-in

* High efficiency synchronous buck charging:

94%, VIN=5V, BAT=3.7V, IBAT=4A

93.5%, VIN=9V, BAT=3.7V, IBAT=4A

93%, VIN=12V, BAT=3.7V, IBAT=4A
* Support Type-C PD input fast charging protocol

* Support Huawei FCP, Samsung AFC, MTK PE+1.1/2.0

Enter the fast charging protocol
*Supports low current adapter and adaptively adjusts charging current

* Support charging 1~2 LED status indicators, intelligent identification

Number of LED lights
*Support charging NTC temperature protection

*Support input overvoltage protection and IC overtemperature protection

* Support I2C interface


*Package 5mm×5mm 0.5pitch QFN32


3. Applications

* Bluetooth speakers, POS machines, electronic cigarettes