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How to choose the right LED driver IC

  Now more and more manufacturers joined the IC design LED the design team, design the many models, in the talk in detail from the aspects of cost performance, how to choose suitable IC, what are the most appropriate oneself prepare IC design products.
  For IC design enterprises to understand market need what kind of IC, what should be a proper price. Prices are subject to change only for reference. Quality and price is the factor to decide whether to adopt, conform to the requirements of the product design quality parameters is important! The price is more important!
  Market LED driver IC - AMC7150 mixed reviews
  AMC7150 was good at that time, I wanted to think or mentioning, it has a very important factor is the price, there are less than the market price of 2 yuan, is the reason why you use it. AMC7150 there are dozens of can directly replace the IC model, the price war will be inevitable.
  Low requirements in design parameters of 4-25 v low voltage product can choose in it, the basic ability to drive the following application design in 3 w. Such as string of 1 w 3 or 3 w1 measuring leds design is stable.