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LED drive power supply chip market has cost is questionable

  With energy conservation and become a major topic in today's world, the LED drive power supply is becoming more and more attention, technology level of ascension is constantly optimize the energy efficiency of the system. But, in a "high level of integration", "digital" concept, enterprises pay more attention to and practical problems, such as cost or market.
  LED drive power supply chip has been described as the Cinderella of the semiconductor industry, suggesting that the LED drive power supply chip has long been regarded as a semiconductor industry a small supporting role. However, different from market ups and downs of the digital circuit, LED drive power supply chip maintained a long-term and stable growth. As crude oil prices rising, the application in the field of energy saving is to put on the red shoes, Cinderella LED drive power supply application is a step towards the forefront of the semiconductor industry.
  Improve energy efficiency of technological innovation
  Energy saving is the main melody of the modern electronic manufacturing, all kinds of LED drive power supply chip are playing more and more important role in the field. Many countries use administrative measures legislation even encourage manufacturers to use energy saving technology in its products.
  When it comes to energy saving, people tend to first think of large factory machines roar. Actually, information technology application in the field of energy consumption on a global scale is staggering.
  Fairchild semiconductor technology and application support center, vice President of Asia Pacific region Wang Ruixing also told reporters: "energy efficiency is the main trends of development of the semiconductor market. Tight supply of fuel oil, plus relevant mandatory widely used around the world developed energy efficiency standards, are pushing the continuous growth of the new technology of low power consumption and energy saving requirements. LED drive power supply IC will continue to adopt innovative energy saving method, to tackle any of the major challenges of energy efficiency, so as to improve energy efficiency and space efficiency." He also pointed out that the deprecation of single-phase AC/DC motor and switch variable speed motor, can save up to 40% of the energy, and the induction motor instead of permanent magnet motor, can improve the efficiency of 5%. Visible, LED drive power supply's contribution to the energy conservation is based on the technology constantly breakthroughs.