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LED tube light to replace traditional incandescent lamp has become a trend

  LED tube light, more and more consumers love, LED tube light in the use of home lighting and commercial lighting has many advantages, therefore, the LED tube light is also very attention in the market, as consumers, understand the knowledge about the certain LED tube light, for the choice of lamps and lanterns is very helpful.
  LED lighting products currently on the market's high attention and LED tube light, and other products with characteristics of long life, environmental protection, color is rich, has always been the love of consumers.
  As countries to the problem of environmental value and the improvement of LED lighting technology, energy-saving lamps and ordinary incandescent light bulb after all is bound to be replaced by LED lights. LED tube light is LED lamp and incandescent lamp in appearance is the most similar products, its light source is LED chip, can be installed on the E26, E17 lamp holder. Compared with incandescent lamp, can greatly reduce power consumption.
  LED tube light is longer than bulb type fluorescent lamp life. Long-lived bulb type fluorescent lamp is only 10000, 2000 ~ 10000, 3000 hours, and most of the LED tube lamp life 40000 hours. The disadvantage of bulb type fluorescent lamp is not instantaneous bright lamp brightness is low, and just opened and LED downlight without these defects. The comprehensive efficiency of LED tube light (including power circuit, the overall efficiency of), the light bulb color products is about 50.60 lm/W, the light color products is about 70.90 lm/W (both for Japanese manufacturers product number), and bulb type fluorescent lamp.
  But the LED tube lamp light range small problems. Range of about 300 degrees the illuminate of incandescent bulbs, the light bulb type fluorescent lamp is about 260 degrees, and common LED canister light only 120 degrees. Therefore, in addition to straight down the relationship need to illuminate the side lighting appliances are not suitable for use in the direction of the LED tube light. LED downlight manufacturers through the use of can change the direction of the light reflection plate, or improve the cover in the light of the lamp shade diffusivity of the sun, or stereo configuration of the LED, solved the problem.
  LED tube LED lights lighting of expanding the range of the gap between it and incandescent narrowed, LED lights to replace incandescent lamp is the inevitable trend in the future.