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LED the market prospect of the filament lamp

  Led lamp filament in 2014 Led market is fairly frequently, if there is any value and market, each have each point of view.
  The feasibility of traceability: led lamp filament
  As early as four years ago, began their led lamp filament domestic manufacturer of research, in 2014 to the present stage, although than lamp, absorb dome light, technology is not mature, but has been put into production or even a profitable company is like a spring, flowers everywhere. Though as the first to eat crab people, some of them were crab claws scratched the mouth, some people have tasted the delicious, mature led filament is certainly can do.
  And led the filament light compared with other led products, also has the advantage of not replace: led filament using microporous metal substrate single crystal solid welding line technology, truly realized the full Angle of 360 degrees of luminous three-dimensional light source, to avoid the impact due to add lens optical loss caused by light effect and results of problems, meet the demand of customer perspective all shine, bring an unprecedented experience and more energy efficient lighting. The Angle of the light effect, like the incandescent light bulb.
  Outlook: led lamp filament of the domestic market
  First of all, incandescent lamp manufacturers channels accumulated for many years, in terms of sales market is not weak in rising star led industry. Once the transformation is successful, their cooperation retailers, stores, and spend a lot of money to build the electric business platform will work quickly. Second, dust storm and haze of these environmental problems, make the idea of energy conservation and emissions reduction is more and more strong. Convenient, the price in the price of buy lamp, service life, 1000 hours of power consumption, the total cost will be a lot cheaper.
  For the development prospects of led lamp filament, the company issued a bullish, therefore has developed a special solution for led lamp filament.